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Punk Nutrition is a proactive, self-motivated approachto health and wellness. There are no authorities. These books are guides. You provide the punk!

The Books:

Be Bowled (PDF eBook)

Be Bowled is gorgeous food photography and nutritional cookbook, featuring 65+ simple, delicious recipes, all of which are served in bowls. A restaurant industry pioneer of fusion healthy cuisine, Chris Clark reveals his signature Meal Bowls, Soup Bowls, Side Bowls, and Breakfast Bowls in this landmark work. There’s also a Featured Foods section, showcasing a variety of remarkable ingredients, all of which are exotic, functional, easy to obtain, and nutritionally potent.

Nutritional Grail (PDF eBook)

How did 2.3 billion people become overweight? How did heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative diseases become the leading causes of death worldwide? Our ancestors, especially our distant, Paleolithic ancestors, before the advent of agriculture, enjoyed remarkably robust health. What went wrong?

COMBO: Be Bowled (PDF eBook) + Nutritional Grail (PDF eBook)

Nutritional Grail and Be Bowled are the right and left hands of healthy eating. The former explains nutritional science in a straightforward, accessible way, while the latter shows how to implement this knowledge via simple, delicious recipes and cooking strategies. Buy them together and save big!